viernes, 22 de junio de 2007

Friends? amigos? o pura charla?

just nice moments , and badly, i have been living with scared , looking for a reply .... the reply of the troubles, i would like to get know what i have to do everydays, Maybe i need to make the best choice.

las night i was sharing with my best friend, i have a nicely night watching movies, and talking about our lifes, adding details, about the las experiences, last people, unknowed persons, and just the false friendly. the false people, the false life, Ok.. so .. la nota discordante del caso es q muchos dicen ser tus " Amigos " but i can to tell u something !! JUST BULLSHIT a lot of people say i love u, i need u, im ur friend, i will be always with u !!! blah You had to have balls to say that... right? but can u do everything u say?

JUST Talk, just words, just talking about false promises.

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